Monday, September 5, 2011

I like it when you nod from your desk that its time to go..
I like it when you sweetly turn the talk..
I like it when you order black coffee only because I am ordering it..
I like it when you come to my desk and say you are leaving for the day..
I like the hot lemon chai and our long chat sessions..
I don't know about you, but I think I will miss them all..

Monday, May 30, 2011

Sometimes I wish..

Sometimes I wish..
I stay in a chalet on a white sand beach
Where I wake up every morning to the chirruping of birds
Towards an unpolluted sunrise from an endless ocean
Where my only profession is to sell souvenirs to every traveller
And earn just enough to have three courses daily
No past, no future.
Just a day, each day and a day
Where every night, I lay on the soft sand gazing endlessly at the beautiful moon surrounded by stars all around
and, slowly allow my eyes to rest by saying thank you God for giving me a life as simple as this

Sometimes I wish...


Aapki zulfoon ki chaon main yunhi har shaam guzra kare.. main khunkiyun main dooba rahun or aap mujhe yunhi dekhti raha karen

Saturday, June 5, 2010

may be..

May be you try your best to forget that someone,
but, the true and honest feelings will never ever die.

You may be a loser today,
but, she has been the reason for so many wins in the past two years.

It's not about what you want or what you get,
it's about what you give.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

a thought of you passes by

A thought of you passes by
in the midst of the midnight
making me feel restless,
and, giving me sleepless nights
visualizing about us being together at different parts of the city
Sitting and chatting for hours and hours
A thought of you passes by..

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

No matter what..

No matter how much i try to hate you, I still cannot..
Sometimes the nothingness of the night compels me to call you, but i don't know what stops me..
probably i have lost all the possible optimism..

Thursday, April 30, 2009

a good a day

Twenty two years of life taught me to be kind to people, came across so many ups and downs, good for me as an experience. Grandfather passed away when I was in 8th, just 60 years old. First time witnessed death so closely and probably it was the first time I realised what life really is.
I still remember my grandfather’s specs lying idle just after few moments of his death and then I realised how useless the things are, forget about anything else, even a specs so close to a person becomes a stranger just after few moments of the departure of our soul, what else should we expect. Its two years now when my maternal uncle passed, cancer killed him-just my father’s age, of around 45, left a widow wife and three daughters alone, the eldest then just in class 8th, youngest don’t even understood what all happened and she still believes that her father is alive. I still remember my uncle probably the smartest and most dynamic personality I have ever witnessed, when he used to go down for evening walk at jasola, females used to envy him.
Just followed by that another uncle of the same age died of brain tumour, leaving a son and the only child alone with his mother, and the very recent one, just few days back I heard another relative of mine died leaving four children alone. The eldest just about to complete his engineering, but unfortunately dropped the last paper to see his dad for the last time in life.
Everyone of us make beautiful plans every now and then, we are busy with all the planning’s we can do about all the possible things in this world - best job, best car, billionaire, send my parents on vacation around the world, to host a big fat Indian wedding for the two beautiful sisters I have got and to marry the medical girl whom I love the most knowing the fact that she takes me just as any other friend of her.
We make plans and suddenly a day comes when every plan looks obnoxious. They say the economies of the world is witnessing great depression, far more severe then that of the 1930’s, but I think everyday somewhere, someone is facing a great depression in his/her life. But still they are optimistic, recently met the great JESSE JACKSON Sr., out off all the things he said I remember only four words – ‘HOPE IS THE WEAPON’
When I look at all the uncertainties of life I think what if I am the next tomorrow, what if the so called great depression hits me tomorrow, what if am dead tomorrow leaving all the plans unfulfilled and unaccomplished, realising this, I think why not do at least one good in a day to at least one person. Since my realisation, I just search for a way through which I can contribute to someone’s life no matter how small it is. So that when I die tomorrow I don’t regret for all my unaccomplished plans. I might not fulfil my plans but I would be happy that I became a part in fulfilling someone else plans. That’s all man; this satisfies me and makes my day.
It was just the other day that I came across a beautiful article in readers digest and it emphasized upon saying hallo to at least five people everyday, it makes you feel good. I followed the wonderful advice and instead of five people I try to say hallo to all the people I come across each day.
Here at my university people come from 95 different countries, but the amazing thing is that they all think the same, they all are human like anyone of us and have the same desires and wishes, sometime I find someone tensed about something, someone missing his wife, someone missing his daughter, someone missing his mother, someone his girlfriend, someone sad about their grades, someone sad about something or the other. Of the little people I know, I go to them and I sit with them and try to be as much funny as I can, without asking them about their problem, I just start my own jokes, my own unrealistic and funny philosophies about life and I speak until I don’t get to hear a loud laughter from my fellow mate, what else I need man, a few moments of happiness in someone’s life because of my insanity- I do not mind.
People ask me what makes you so cool all the time, never sad, always smiling and kidding around. They say that zohaib’s life is perfect, he does not have anything to bother about and that’s what keeps him happy and energetic all the time. What should I reply or say to this, I think, if even bill gates who has all the beautiful things that this world can offer is really happy or not?
They ask me how do you manage to be happy all the time, I am not sure about the perfect answer but the only reply I give is that I try to lock my sadness in my room, everytime I leave it, I lock it inside. I give it a ring when am alone coz I need a companion to talk to.
You know what, enough of writing I guess, you are bored now like me, enough of zohaib’s illogical talking, so let me talk something logical and end my story in a lighter note.
You know what, now I realise that I only talk big. The real reason why I stay cool all the time is because; this attitude attracts female attention-22 years of experience people.
I think, will I be kind enough to keep implementing these nice things that I penned down just now? Let me think about it, and to do that I think I should signoff for now.